Difficult Situations, Clear Solutions

Frequently asked questions regarding people-related organizational situations. 

When things go sideways, we roll up our sleeves with you and dive into messy scenarios and find common ground where none seems possible. Our goal in partnering with you is to get ahead of these issues and create a proactive HR and communication foundation.

EMPLOYEE relationS

One of our employees accused another employee of harassment. What do we do?

Call us immediately. Whether or not you believe the complaint is valid, there are risks to the team and the organization by delaying.

We have a performance issue that cannot be ignored. Can I fire them with cause?

We will need to have more information before we can support you. Call us or email us for more information.

My employee is returning from an approved leave. We no longer have work available. Do I need to bring them back?

Please contact us and we will help clarify your obligations as an employer and support you in identifying the best path forward for your employee

We have a conflict with two high performance team members. Can you help me?

Interviews, surveys, and "soft" investigations can help us to determine the root cause of the issues within your team or organization. We can provide recommendations based on levels of risk associated and opportunities to enhance the current and future potential of team members.

Organization Management

We have had high turnover in one department. Are they leaving for more money, or is there another reason?

Compensation may not be the issue. We can review your current compensation program to determine whether or not it is competitive. It would be valuable to gain additional insights beyond the financial aspects. We would also recommend conducting exit interviews in future and can support you in developing an exit interview questionnaire.

We have been accused of not having fair and equitable hiring practices. We embrace diversity. How is this possible?

Unconscious biases exist for all of us and the onus is on employers to follow processes to ensure equal opportunity is given to all qualified applicants. We can work with you to develop a recruiting program that will help you achieve better hiring results while ensuring a fair process is followed. Additionally, we can connect you with resources to encourage a better understanding of how to support an inclusive work environment.

We have a change resistant organization and I can't get people to embrace a new system. How can I get through to them?

Tell us about the change and what the ideal outcome would be. We can help you develop a change management and communication program to help support all levels of your organization through the transition.


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