Shaping Your future

Our team’s expertise is in guiding leaders to effective people solutions.

We bring years of experience in performance management, conflict resolution, training and development programs and work distribution. When you work with Humming Bee you get professional results through a less formal, results-oriented process that focusses on success for ALL your team members.

Who We Are

The Humming Bee is comprised of a team of diversely trained professionals who help optimize your team and organizational performance.


Our customized business transformation services are designed to increase employee engagement and optimize performance.

How We Do It

Contact us for a free consultation. We will provide you with a proposal outlining the risks and opportunities for your business.

Guiding Principles

Our Pillars


Good people are worth investing in. We put the best interests of your team first, not one individual.


The heart of the organization drives employee engagement. Everything starts here.


We always keep in mind the big picture and look for ways to reduce your risks and optimize your company's performance.


Does your work environment feel flat and boring? Let us show you how to bring your leadership's personality into the organization in a way that will inspire innovation.

our professionals

Meet the team


Cher McArthur is the founder/managing director of Humming Bee. Cher earned the Rotman Executive Coach certification at the University of Toronto in addition to having an MA from Royal Roads University in Victoria. Her focus is on reducing workplace conflict and developing leadership through increasing self-awareness and enhancing communication skills. Cher is presently co-authoring a book on corporate culture for release in 2024. She speaks on a number of topics including HR risk, leadership alignment, organizational culture, effective communication, performance management, the gaps AI cannot fill, becoming an employer of choice, generational expectations, and the importance of ongoing leadership development.

Cher McArthur

Founder, Senior HR & Leadership Consultant

Funto Oderinde is a results-focused professional with ten years of experience delivering solutions in talent acquisition, retention, and engagement to help companies harness the full power of their most valuable assets – their people. She is dedicated to creating robust corporate cultures that promote continuous business growth and cultivate customer loyalty by empowering and motivating employees to achieve their full potential. In addition to her master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, Funto has earned her candidate designation from CPHR Alberta. She has experience with different sectors including Oil and Gas, Maritime Services, Engineering, Post-Secondary, and the Survey and Geomatics industries. Funto is a lifelong learner with a passion for business as well as human resources. She has built her reputation as a generalist by balancing the needs of the individual team members with the needs of the organization. Working closely with leaders, she has supported change initiatives and identified ways to increase profitability and recognize key savings while remaining focused on people, quality, and compliance. In addition to her HR expertise, Funto has led teams and recognizes the daily challenges leaders face. She is dedicated to educating and supporting leaders to ensure they reduce risk to the organization and achieve optimal engagement from their teams.

Funto Oderinde

HR Consultant
Don Casemore

Don has 20+ years of HR leadership experience in a range of businesses. He has a proven track record in guiding sizeable teams and projects. Don brings knowledge and talent to his clients through experience in HR, Operations, Marketing, Logistics, and Finance. His core competencies include Strategic Business Planning, Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, Process Redesign & Change Management, Contingent Workforce Management, Project Management, Financial P&L Management, Team Building, and Leadership. Don’s achievements include starting up strategic workforce programs for two major Canadian employers with a combined workforce of 30,000+. He has been a keynote speaker at HR conferences in North America, is Procsci certified, university educated, and holds logistics certifications of PLOG and CITT.

Don Casemore

Senior HR Consultant

Alyssa is a professional recruiter and coordinator with over 15 years' experience in HR, accounting, and administration. She is passionate about continuous development and participates in ongoing training to provide the best support to Hummingbee clients. Alyssa has extensive human resource agency experience and has worked with clients in a multitude of industries. She is responsible for leading many of the recruiting projects for Hummingbee clients and is focussed on finding the best candidates to meet the unique needs of each organization. In addition to her exceptional recruiting skills, Alyssa coordinates activities for the Hummingbee team through leveraging her strong time management, organization, and bookkeeping skills. She also brings her expertise to support our clients and candidates. When she isn’t managing her broad scope of responsibilities, she can be found enjoying the outdoors, fishing Alberta lakes, and spending time with family.

Alyssa Coutts

HR Coordinator
Rebekah Andres

Rebekah is a skilled professional with expertise in conflict management, mediation, governance, policy development and legal representation. She has worked in the areas of restorative justice, immigration law and board governance. Rebekah is a lifelong learner who thrives in environments where she learns from others and uses her skills to add value. In her spare time you can find Rebekah volunteering, hosting a dinner party or hiking, skiing and backcountry camping with her husband and two kids. Rebekah is no longer an industry lawyer, but understands organizational need for clear guidance to employees to set expectations and mitigate risk.

Rebekah Andres

HR & Policy Development Consultant
Bonnie Gerard

Bonnie is a motivational and accomplished communicator. She has a proven track record of working with all levels of an organization to research, develop and deliver measurable communications strategies and plans for internal and external audiences. For more than two decades, she has spearheaded and guided the creation and delivery of a broad spectrum of robust communications plans, tools, and tactics for leadership and stakeholder communications, employee engagement as well as change management and issues and crisis management. Her engaging approach to open and honest communication builds trust at all levels of the organization and increases understanding, engagement, productivity, and value to the business.

Bonnie Gerard

HR & Communications Consultant

Sharon Blaskovits is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the field of HR. She leverages her 30 years of experience to support clients in configuring and implementing HR information systems (HRIS), strategic talent acquisition, onboarding, and advising on HR-related areas including performance management and development. She enjoys working on data-related projects and reporting and has led HRIS and talent acquisition teams. Having worked for companies in various industries, she has gained extensive knowledge about different businesses, which enables her to provide top-notch support to her clients. Additionally, she has developed strategic framework and maturity models for different areas of HR, which have set teams up for success and provided team members with the necessary development for growth. In her free time, Sharon is a proud pet parent to five dogs and enjoys taking them on walks, to dog parks, and training them to ensure they have the best life possible. She also enjoys playing golf with her spouse and friends.

Sharon Blaskovits

Senior HR Specialist

“I love watching team members identify with the importance of the work they do. Engaged teams perform better”

Cher McArthur, Founder & Senior Consultant - Humming Bee


We've got you covered

Humming Bee’s extended team includes specialists in various areas of HR to cover your needs from A to Z.


Finding the right balance and structure for compensation can be daunting. Our experts will analyze your existing setup and the market to ensure you are attracting and retaining the right people.


With so many options on the market, we do the legwork to find the most efficient benefits solution that works for your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

Creating the right complement of employees is key to a robust culture. We will help structure your recruitment and retention practices for a diverse and inclusive environment.

Moving Forward

Untapped Potential

our changing world

Have you moved to a work from home environment or developed a hybrid program? Do you have policies and procedures in place to set clear expectations for your team members? The business landscape is constantly changing. Let Humming Bee help you navigate smoothly and efficiently.

Reduce Risk

From developing basic HR programs to conflict resolution and leadership coaching, Humming Bee helps you reduce risk and leverage strategic opportunities.

optimize your business

Do you have the right people in the right positions to maximize your business opportunities?

conflict can be good

Is there conflict in your workplace? Let us help you increase engagement and manage performance to maximize excellence and minimize issues and risks.

Where to start

Our Process


First Meeting

Help us get to know you, your business and your needs. We want to know your biggest pain points and how we can help you develop a road map for predictable success. Why is your business successful? What isn't working? What risks do you see for the future of your business? How quickly do you need support?


project scope

Together we will outline the work to be completed and ensure it captures all of your needs and deliverables. Regular checkins to redirect and refine any project or on-call work.


Work Delivery

Humming Bee consultants are available to support you from strategy and mapping through to completion. If you have team members who need support developing programs, we are happy to provide coaching and mentorship to empower your team and augment your existing expertise. We are also available to fully implement programs from inception to completion. Our customized approach provides you with options to best suit your business needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our main practices include on-demand and project based services in Leadership, Human Resources, Communications, Business Optimization, and Change Management.

Specific HR  services offered are on-call Business Partner, HR Coordinator, recruitment, program development, employee engagement strategies and more.

Our goal is to simplify processes, not complicate them! If a system or process doesn’t work for you, we know you won’t follow them. Our customized solutions are developed with your business needs in mind.

Humming Bee is based in Calgary, Alberta, and has international clients as well as clients across Canada. We welcome the opportunity to work with diverse clients from around the world.

Within Canada we have strong knowledge of the diverse provincial HR legislation.

Following your free 30-minute consultation, we will provide a cost estimate based on the unique needs of your organization. Our fees are based on the level of expertise required to complete the work. Humming Bee has a team of consultants at different levels to match your needs.